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Health In Action has always been serving the needs of grassroots citizens with a symbiotic community health model, and the transdisciplinary team provides healthcare management services to the public. We strive to attain a healthy society for everyone. Without support from the public, our work would not be made possible.Just as importantly, your support demonstrates solidarity with the people we are reaching out to.

Emergency support for grassroots

For low-income families, particularly those living in subdivided homes are living in adverse environments. High living costs pressuring them to live in subdivided flats where daily necessities are insufficient. Home cooking in unfavorable conditions where no ventilation fans are installed. Amid the epidemic also affecting their resilience in health. If timely assistance can be provided, it will enable them to cope with emergency situations and gradually improve their quality of life and health.

Health management of grassroots worker

Grassroots workers have short and irregular meal hours, let alone paying attention to nutritional balance. Aiming to improve their health and diet, HIA provides them with meal voucher support and encourages them to adopt healthy management on their own diet. HIA provides meal assistance to 300 families in 2020.

Support healthy living in the ethnic minority community

Research shows that ethnic minorities face challenges while receiving healthcare services and accessing leisure facilities due to cultural differences and language barriers. Besides, ethnic minorities are more likely to work in low-paid sectors. So when they are facing health issues, they cannot afford the expensive costs of their treatments - for instance, cancer treatments and medical scans.

Not only does HIA work on supporting ethnic minorities with their treatments financially, but we also promote popularization of related health knowledge.