Support healthy living in the ethnic minority community

Limited by the language ability and education level, EM youths from grassroot families often find it hard to achieve their goals to be a profession. However, through career coaching and case follow-up, EM youths could pursue a health-related career. Thus, they could assist their communities to solve their health issues and improve their health conditions. HIA has provided career guidance to at least 50 EM youths in the past two years.

HIA is also promoting popularization of health knowledge. We would implement the idea of health-based development through the lens of cultural diversity. We start with letting EM youths have a better awareness of their health, then we invite the youths to join our groups to become Health Ambassadors, and eventually spread health knowledge to others.

Throughout the years, we have been closely following up on the health situations of ethnic minorities. We have served about 500 grassroot ethnic minorities every year, providing health screening services, ambassador training and promotion of access to healthcare services. We strive to attain a society with health equity.